Fertilization Programs


Our fertilization program focuses on using reduced amounts of pesticides to control insects and fungus, which in turn creates a dynamic, healthy soil and a thriving lush green lawn.  You can expect up to a 75% decrease in the amount of herbicide and pesticide with a Three Leaf Lawn Care Program.


Organic fertilizers are an excellent source of nitrogen and have been used since ancient times.  Their primary limitation is that they must rely on soil microorganisms to breakdown the organic matter into substances that can be taken up by the plant root.

The important thing to know is that microorganisms are dormant during cold weather and are most active in peak summer months.  Most soil microbes become active as soil temperatures reach 55 degrees. This means you cannot expect any reaction from natural organics when applied while microbes are inactive, regardless what the manufacturer or salesman may tell you.

  • Three Leafs fertilizers are made from stabilized organic matter (hummus) that improves the soils capacity to store and exchange nutrients.
  • Humus improves the water holding capacity of soils and improves water infiltration by increasing pore space.
  • Long Lasting Soil & Plant Nutrition
  • High Microbial Diversity Index
  • Organic nitrogen is released slowly to the plant, minimizing loss to the environment.