Pest Control


Three Leaf’s mole program consists of a site visit to determine mole activity, flagging active tunnels, setting mole traps or baits and returning to dispose of your nuisance mole.  This program requires several site visits and will typically capture the mole within a 1 or 2 week period.  Most times it’s a singular mole that is causing the destruction.  Moles are solitary mammals and do not like company.  It is usually 1 mole doing all the damage to your lawn.  They can tunnel up to 150 feet per day.


Understanding the lifecycle of a grub is critical in the treatment of this pest.  The larvae are the culprit and responsible for the destruction of your grass root system.  Proper timing of our control product ensures that it is present in the soil at the time of the 1st instar.  The product must be watered in.


Our Tick Free spray is a safe, environmentally friendly approach that will effectively rid your property of tick infestation.  Our programs are 3-5 week applications dependent on your surroundings.

Q:  How does Tick Free & Mosquito Free work?

A:  The cedar oil acts as a pheromone interruption agent that impairs their mental capacity and is the residual repellent for up to 30 days depending on saturation.  The cedar also causes the insects exoskeleton to dehydrate.  The fatty soap acts as a sticker to the insect.

Q:  Is Tick Free or Mosquito Free harmful around children or animals?

A:  Both Tick Free & Mosquito Free are non-toxic to humans and most domestic animals.  Yards can be used within a minimum of 30 minutes or more of spraying.  Drying time may vary depending on humidity.

Q:  Does Tick Free or Mosquito Free cause discoloration when sprayed on or around patios, stone walkways or decks:

A:  No, Tick Free & Mosquito Free does not cause discoloration and is safe for sidewalks, foundations, swing sets etc.