Aerate, Over Seed & Lime


Aerating breaks the soil surface by punching holes into the earth.  A plug aerator removes clumps or “plugs” of soil (about the size of your finger) from the ground.

There are several important benefits to aerating:

  • Oxygen and water are better able to enter the soil.
  • Rainwater will not run off.
  • Earthworms and other beneficial organisms have more room to live.
  • Fertilizer can reach the plant roots.

These benefits lead to healthier grass, which means fewer weeds and fewer chemicals.


The concept of over seeding lawns as part of a regular maintenance has been around for years, but it is still new to many homeowners.  By choosing to over seed, you will eliminate a majority of weeds naturally.

This one step will do more to improve the quality of your lawn than almost anything else you can do.  By incorporating new grass into your existing lawn every 2-3 years, you introduce the newest varieties that are endophytically* enhanced, darker green in color and more drought tolerant.

*Endophyte enhanced grasses are grasses that have beneficial fungi living within them.  These fungi help the grasses store and use water more efficiently, withstand extreme heat and drought better, and resist certain insects and fungal diseases.  In return, the fungi use some of the energy the grasses obtain through photosynthesis.


Often overlooked, lime plays a critical part in maintaining the health and vigor of your grass. Not only does lime neutralize an acidic soil pH, lime offers calcium.  Calcium is one of six macro nutrients required by turf grass and improves the cell walls in the plant, resisting damage from plant pathogens while increasing drought tolerance.  A balanced, neutral pH will curb weed problems and increase nutrient uptake by the grass plant more efficiently.

If you have not had a soil analysis performed in the past 2 years, it is recommended that one be taken to determine the pH value.  It will also indicate on our report any micro, macro nutrient deficiencies, which will inhibit your lawn from looking its best.